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Curtin University of Technology
South Asia Research Unit


Function and Research Activities

Major Research Foci:

The South Asia Research Unit (SARU), which was established in 1991, coordinates and provides a focus for teaching and research on South Asia in the humanities and social sciences, within the Faculty of Media, Society and Culture, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Its broad interests include cultural, economic, political and social change in those countries that comprise the South Asian region.

Recent And Current Projects:

Increasingly, SARU's projects have addressed issues relating to globalisation, which can be divided into four areas of research: New/Old Economy (Economic Liberalisation of South Asian Business, the emergence of new export-orientated industries and the problem of natural resource management); Labour Relations and Trade Unions in South Asia; Globalisation, the State, Culture, Media and Information - The Changing Face of South Asia; and Historicising Globalisation in South Asia. More specifically, they include the following:

New/Old Economy centres around global corporate restructuring and its impact on South Asian economies and societies.

Labour Relations and Trade Unions in South Asia focuses on how global corporate restructuring is creating more flexible labour forces in developing countries in general and South Asia in particular.

Globalisation, the State, Culture, Media and Information: The Changing Face of South Asia examines the growing information revolution in south Asia and issues of media control, intellectual property rights, and the emergence of South Asia-based IT and knowledge industries.

Historicising Globalisation in South Asia aims to examines the historical origins of South Asia's place within the contemporary global economy.

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